CLADE by Maya Reynolds

600 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

(enter on 6th btwn Spring & Main)

Creating Memories. BurningMan 2014 with my favorite people in the world.  (at Black Rock City)
Wheel of Fortune #BurningMan 2014 
Which door did you choose???#WOF 
Where will the wheel spin next? (at Black Rock City)
Pre-burn torch play w/ @adammostow #jabbabarge #WOF #2014 (at big art labs)
Wheel of Fortune BurningMan 2014
Crane dropping the flame gazebo into the Wheel of Fortune #burningman2014 which door will you choose? #WOF  (at Black Rock City)
Lantern installation at the Wheel of Fortune #WOF #burningman2014  (at Black Rock City)
Design. Form. Pattern. Innovation.    Mythos (at CLADE Studio )
AngryFix wool & lambskin jacket 50% off at CLADE! Perfect night gear for the Burn 6th & Spring #Dtla #burningman2014 (at CLADE Studio )
Sick new handmade caps on sale tonight at #CLADE 6th & Spring #DTLA 7-11pm (at CLADE Studio )
Tonight at #CLADE 6th & Spring 7-11pm 2 racks 40-70% off super special finds or the Burn, @arianehats #DirtBags, @laser_ray & more! (at CLADE Studio )
It’s ON!!! #BurningMan2014 Pack it in-pack it out. Leave no trace. Participate. #WheelofFortune #WOF couldn’t dream of more rad teammates than @jillsutherlandphoto @anniepants505 @nicolefoxrd @klownphoto @sunielfox @gratituderose #dreamteam
Inspiring new work by Louis Sanchez & David Haskel - bronze & steel sculpture
Moving thru it. #CLADEman @justin_lynn11. Cap by @arianehats image by Glenn Campbell
Feel like the essential timetraveler, explorer, wanderer that you are.  TODAY SHOPwalk #dtla    40-70% off!!! noon-7pm              6th & Spring (at CLADE Studio )
SHOPwalk this Sunday noon-7 6th & Spring #dtla #CLADEman @justin_lynn11 Gettin ready for #BurningMan! linen - leather - #Dirtbag. Image by @klownphoto  (at The Talmadge)